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AQ-350 Premium Water Flosser

AQ-350 Premium Water Flosser

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AQ-350 Premium Water Flosser: Revolutionize Your Oral Care

Experience unparalleled oral hygiene with the AQ-350 Premium Water Flosser, arguably the most effective flossing tool available globally. Engineered with patented technology and exceptional design, the AQ-350 is a game-changer in dental care.

Key Features:

Highest Pulsation Rate: Boasting the highest pulsation rate of any water flosser on the market, thanks to its innovative stainless steel piston pump. This unique technology ensures a deep and thorough clean.

Adjustable Pressure Settings: With 12 pressure settings ranging from a gentle 10 to a powerful 100 PSI, the AQ-350 caters to all types of gum sensitivities and cleaning needs, making it both safe and versatile for the entire family.

Optimal Water Tank Capacity: The 600 ml water tank delivers the perfect volume of water for the recommended 2500 pulsations, providing a complete and effective clean in every use.

Family-Friendly Design: Comes equipped with four individually colored jet tips, making it ideal for family use. Each member can have their personalized tip for hygienic flossing.

Mains Powered for Consistent Performance: Reliably mains powered, the AQ-350 ensures sustained performance and durability, setting it apart from other models.


Efficient Cleaning: Achieve a full-mouth clean in just 70 seconds. The AQ-350's rapid pulsation rate at varying pressures ensures effective plaque removal, healthier gums, and cavity protection.

Gentle Yet Powerful: A gentle water blaster for your mouth. Whether you have sensitive gums or need a more robust clean, the AQ-350 adjusts to your needs without causing soreness or discomfort.

Mess-Free, Easy Operation: Designed for convenience and ease of use. Its user-friendly interface and tidy operation make dental care hassle-free.

Promotes Overall Oral Health: Regular use of the AQ-350 not only improves gum health but contributes to overall oral hygiene, aiding in the prevention of dental issues.


Why Choose the AQ-350?

With the AQ-350 Premium Water Flosser, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re investing in a superior oral health experience. It's more than just a flosser; it's a commitment to maintaining optimal dental health with ease and efficiency. Embrace the change with AQ-350 – where advanced technology meets everyday oral care.

Get ready to transform your dental routine with the AQ-350 – the best water flosser for a brighter, healthier smile.


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