AQUAPICK is dedicated to advancing gum health, born from a personal quest to find a painless and effective alternative to traditional flossing. Our journey began when Managing Director Simon Clegg, on the advice of his dental team, sought a better solution to improve his gum health. Traditional flossing was a chore—painful and cumbersome.

In 2014, the discovery of the AQ-300 transformed Simon's dental routine. Within six weeks of consistent use, the results were undeniable. Simon's dental hygienist, Bridget, noted a significant improvement: the redness and bleeding had subsided, and the gum health was visibly better.

Our mission became clear: to address common yet serious conditions like gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can affect adults as early as their twenties. AQUAPICK's technology makes it simple to remove plaque and bacteria, the main culprits behind these conditions, leading to healthier gums and enhanced overall well-being.

By 2015, AQUAPICK had caught the attention of forward-thinking dental practices, who still endorse our products to their patients. This endorsement is a testament to the quality and customer service that AQUAPICK prides itself on—a philosophy of treating every customer as a friend, with the same respect and care that we desire for ourselves.

Our commitment to dental health was recognized at the Dental Hygienist Conference in New Plymouth in 2017, capturing the interest of Robyn Watson, the then President-Elect of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH). While Robyn couldn't endorse products by name due to IFDH policies, her support and encouragement were invaluable. In 2019, following her presidency, Robyn was free to endorse AQUAPICK—a brand she wholeheartedly believes in.

Robyn Watson's Endorsement

Robyn Watson, a renowned Dental Hygienist educated in the USA, has an illustrious career spanning several continents. She's contributed significantly to dental hygiene education and practice in New Zealand and has held prestigious positions, including her tenure as the President of IFDH. With her global experience and commitment to dental health, Robyn's endorsement of AQUAPICK speaks volumes about our product's impact.

A Growing Trust

The endorsement of dental professionals and word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable to us. They have propelled AQUAPICK into Harvey Norman stores across Australia, affirming our belief that easy and effective dental care should be accessible to all. With a presence in over 180 Harvey Norman stores and numerous dental practices nationwide, AQUAPICK is on a mission to make daily flossing effortless and effective, promoting better gum health and reducing the risk of cavities.

Our Vision

At AQUAPICK, we believe oral health is the gateway to overall well-being. We continue to innovate and spread awareness, aiming to enhance the oral health of people globally. Experience the AQUAPICK difference and join us in the pursuit of a healthier world—one smile at a time.